3 Stars

What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game.

What did I think of the story?

The story is simple, you make your way through a series of Islands fighting giant bug-like creatures called Vek. Your goal is to survive the attacks but at the same time level up mechs but also the pilots flying the mechs. Ideally what you want is to make it through each Island and then reach the final Island where you defeat the mech.

Favorite Character?

The game has 27 different Mechs that you can unlock by replaying the game. The mechs come in sets of 3 so there are 9 different mech sets. After about 10 hours, I unlocked 5 different sets. Unfortunately, I don’t like any of the Mechs that I’ve unlocked and preferred the original 3.

Are there puzzles and How are they?

Each level is essentially a puzzle. The enemies (the Vek) their goal is not to attack your Mechs but rather the buildings because that’s how the Vek actually defeat you. So sometimes your goal isn’t to do as much damage to the Vek as you can but rather moving the Vek out of the way so it can’t damage a building. The game requires you to rethink the way you normally approach turn-based strategy games.

How is the sound design and music?

I didn’t pay attention to the in-game music too much. I just listened to my own music.

How are the missions/levels designed?

Every level is set up on an 8×8 grid. The enemies take up one space and so do your Mechs. Every grid will also include some buildings for the Vek to attack but then there is some uniqueness depending on each level and which Island you’re on. Some levels are more mountainous, some have an ocean, some are in the desert and have earthquakes. There’s is a good amount of variety within each level.

Recap: The Good

Makes you rethink classic turn-based strategy game.

Recap: The Bad

The unlockable mechs are not for me.

Recap: The Okay

The Story.

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