What is the genre?

Third-person Shooter, Battle Royale

Are there any similar games or is it a sequel?

Its similar to PlayerUnknowns Battle Grounds but it does have its own unique spin on the gameplay. The biggest difference is, this is much of an arcade shooter and it has a crafting/building mechanic.

How is the gameplay?

The shooting is, its far from the best shooter that I have played but the shooting is serviceable and good enough for a free to play game.

There are three game modes, solo, duo or squad. Solo is 100 people and they’re all out for themselves trying to be the last survivor. Duo is 50 teams of 2 competing against one another to be the last 2 on the map and Squad is 25 teams of 4 competing to be the last ones on the map.

The gameplay is simple. You start in a flying school bus as it takes you across the map. You can jump at any point and start anywhere you want on the map. Once you land, its time to start looting to find weapons to kill people with.

How is the offline and online?

There really isn’t any offline. It’s an online shooter.

Is there any single player?


Would I recommend it?

Maybe, if someone is looking for something to do. I would recommend it only because its free. The free makes it so its low risk for anyone to try it.

Recap: The Good

Its free and it can be fun

Recap: The Bad

The Shooting is not great for a competitive shooter

Recap: The Okay

The building mechanic is okay

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