Why did I want to play this game?

I have never played a Sonic game before but obviously being around video games for 25 years, I have heard a ton about Sonic. I mostly heard bad things about the franchise but then this game came out and I heard universal praise. I figured this game is the perfect game to finally give Sonic a try.

What did I not like about it?

I know how stupid this makes me sound but I just don’t get the game. I understand the core of always be running and always move to the right. But first off, it’s so jarring when you lose momentum but then there is also the issue of all of these multiple paths and none of it feels fun or rewarding. I just don’t get it. Sonic is not for me.

How much time did I put into it?

I put about 3 or 4 into the game, it was enough for me to know that this isn’t for me.

Will I try it again at some point?

No, I’m good. I will let Sonic fans have this one and I will stay far away from this franchise.

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