Why did I want to play it?

Lately, I had been feeling nostalgic towards this game. It’s my favorite of the Call of Duty franchise and its simply because of the Zombies mode. I had thought about picking it up for PC but they charge like $20 for the base game digitally. The game is 10 years old, I don’t understand why. Luckily I was wondering around and they had a buy 4 games for $10 deal. This game was in that pile so I was able to pick up the game for a couple bucks on Xbox 360 which the game is backward compatible on Xbox One so I am able to easily play it.

How did the game age?

The game has aged surprisingly well. I don’t know if the XBox One up-resing the game at all but for a 10-year-old game that’s on a prior console. It looks surprisingly well. The other nice thing is, the previous Call of Duty standardized FPS controls so going back to an older FPS is not that difficult. At their core, all COD games control very similarly. I don’t know about the original trilogy but after the Modern Warfare, there is at least a standard.

What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

Its First Person Shooter

What did I think of the story?

10 years ago when I had the game on PS3, I played through the campaign but I haven’t here. Just playing it for Zombies.

How are the Puzzles?

Zombies have some puzzles but they’re very basic. I know in future iterations the Zombies get very convoluted and complicated but this is the original zombie game so it’s much simpler than future installments.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

It feels good, I know there its popular to shit on COD on the internet but anyone who has played COD will say that the games at least play well, control well and feel good.

How are the missions/levels designed?

There are 4 map packs for Zombies and online. I didn’t buy all 4 for Xbox because I only like one of the 4 Zombie maps anyways. The Map packs still cost $10 a piece but honestly, I have played enough of it to make the purchase worthwhile.

How is the sound design and music?

This is the one thing that the original Zombie map gets perfect. The music creates this haunting nervous energy. The music and sound design are very well done. In the 4th map pack, its a little more light-hearted and most importantly your main character is obnoxious. He is constantly running his mouth and saying stupid shit. It’s just something you have to learn to zone out.

Recap: The Good

Controls Well, Feels Good, Fun, Aged Well

Recap: The Bad

The main character is annoying

Recap: The Okay


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