What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

This is hard game give a subgenre to because its a Platformer because its a puzzle esque platformer but it also can be a competitive racer as well. So its kind of like speed runners but speedrunners is more of a racing game where this is a puzzle platformer that requires some tight execution.

 What did I think of the story?

Non existant

Favorite Character?

Your character doesn’t matter too much I would typically choose Shantae from the indie platformer games.

How are the Puzzles?

Every level is almost a puzzle. To break the game down, each platform has its own color lets there are 2 different colors red and blue. Now the background changes every couple of second (or maybe every second) from the two different platform colors  (red and blue). When the background is red, the platform blends in with the background so it makes that the platform has disappeared. You can not jump or land on a platform that is the same color as the background. So while the background is red you’re standing on a blue platform. When the background changes to blue you have to move to one of the red platforms. So the game is kind of a puzzle as you’re trying to traverse through the levels.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

So now that I have laid down the basics of the game but the gameplay is not only trying to stay on the right platform. You’re also racing against other people trying to get the end first. This is where the game gets that much harder, you have to follow the game patterns, get the rhythm down and then get to the end. Its difficult for someone like me who is rhythm deaf. I really struggled with the game.

What is my favorite moment or sequence from the game?

At one point, I just stopped playing and started watching my friends compete against one another. I had a lot more fun watching them fail for 20 minutes on one level.

Was it fun?

Its okay, they’re definitely an audience but it’s not me. If you’re looking for a difficult platformer than this is a game to look up.

How is the sound design and music?

The music is catchy but very repetitive, you hear the same tune for hours which eventually I just started to tune out completely.

Recap: The Good

The jumping is tight and controls well.

Recap: The Bad

It’s pretty difficult.

Recap: The Okay

The music.

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