What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

Captain Toad is a straight up Puzzle game and its one of the best Puzzle games that I have ever played.

What did I think of the story?

The story is very basic and its a classic Nintendo story. Toad and Toadette are hanging out and all of a sudden the main villain Wingo appears and takes Toadette. Toad has to make his way through the levels to find Toadette. That’s Act 1, Act 2 is Toadette makes here way through levels and then Act 3 is them coming together.

Favorite Character?

The characters are Toad and Toadette. They’re exactly the same except for a palate swap making Toadette a female that has more pink.

How are the Puzzles?

This is the bulk of the game, each level is a small series of short puzzles. Each level has 3 diamonds that you want to collect and you want to make it the star which is the end of the level. You need to collect the diamonds because that’s how you unlock new areas in the world but you also need to collect the star at the end of every level because that’s how you move onto the next level.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

I kind of went over the gameplay before. Start a level, figure out how to collect all 3 diamonds, then figure out how to get to the star so that you have completed the level. Rinse and repeat for maybe 10 hours and then you’ve beaten the game. It’s a very simple concept and it’s a fun game to make your way through slowly.  Personally me, it took a couple weeks to beat the game but that was because I would sit down and go through a few levels so I sat down and played maybe a half hour every night for a couple weeks.

What is my favorite moment or sequence from the game?

I really like the way the game set up the first boss battle. Where you’re just traversing up through the level and then you accidentally defeat the boss. Its a perfect way for Toad to defeat an enemy. Unfortunately, they rehash this boss battle 3 or 4 times. After the first time, the idea loses its charm.

Was it fun?

Yes, its a very simple concept but very rewarding and enjoyable. It’s not too difficult but there are times where you will have to stop and just think about your next few steps.

How is the sound design and music?

As with any Nintendo game, the music design is on point.

How are the missions/levels designed?

Every level is on its own separate cube where you just move around. Which keep in mind Toad has very limited mobility. He can walk, slowly run, climb ladders but can not jump.  So if you need to get to a higher elevation, your options are to walk onto an elevator or climb a ladder. Now keep in mind, every level has secrets hidden on all sides and all over the place. So you’re constantly rotating the camera around looking for areas for Toad to explore.

Recap: The Good

Great Puzzles

Recap: The Bad

Rehashed Boss Battles

Recap: The Okay

The Story

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