What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

It is a First-Person Shooter

What did I think of the story?

I wish the Halo Story did more for me but I just can’t get into it. It’s okay and there certainly is an attempt but I just don’t care what’s going on with the story. The sad truth is, Bungie doesn’t do a great making me care about any of the characters. So what’s going on narratively doesn’t have much weight.

Favorite Character?

Master Chief? I don’t know, no one really.

How are the Puzzles?

Halo is not really known for Puzzles.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

The shooting feels good, that is one that the one that Bungie does very well. The shooting is very well done.

How are the missions/levels designed?

This is my biggest complaint about the entire game. Often times you’re often times backtracking through the same part. So the mission starts and you start at point A, go to point B and instead of going to point A. You go back through to point A. Then maybe you go to point C. Then to point D and then back to point C. Backtracking is lazy level design in my opinion rather than designing something new, you can keep the same assets.

What is my favorite moment or sequence from the game?

There was a plot twist involving the Guilty Spark that did surprise. For most of the game, the narrative wasn’t doing much for me but that moment did draw me and make me ask the question, what is going on here?

Was it fun?

Yes, despite the okay level design and okay story the game is fun to play. That is in large part thanks to the combat and specifically the gunplay. It just feels good to shoot enemies regardless if its the covenant or the flood.

How is the sound design and music?

The one thing that I don’t quite understand about this game is the music. I’ll be in the middle of a fight and then all of a sudden the music will start playing. I don’t quite understand what triggers the music. Now granted its very good when it’s playing, I just don’t quite understand why it starts.

Recap: The Good


Recap: The Bad

Level Design

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