Why did you want to play it?

I have recently fallen in love with the Gears of War franchise. I played through the original trilogy and I certainly want more Gears of War so I decided to play this as well. I know this one is considered one of the weaker of the Xbox 360 era but I still enjoyed the game.

How did the game age?

I personally think it aged well, it played as well as all of the other Gear games.

What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

It is a third-person cover shooter.

What did you think of the story?

I have to give the creators of this game some credit, they tried to do something unique with the story in this game. Essentially what you have is a squad of 4 people and they’re in a courtroom and they’re recalling the events that have happened that ultimately led them to be in the courtroom. Throughout the game, you play as all four characters so the game has an overarching narrative but there are 4 different stories being told as well. The stories are nothing groundbreaking but interesting enough.

Favorite Character?

It is and always will be Cole Train. He’s the cook black guy of the group.

How are the Puzzles?

One thing the Gears of War franchise is not known for is Puzzles. If you’re looking for puzzles then you’re going to be severely disappointed.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

The gunplay in Gears of War is the draw of this game. The gameplay loop is simple, there is a cut scene, walk into an area and enemies appear. Kill all of the enemies and then you’ll heat a gong-like sound which means you have cleared the area. Then go into the next area and kill the enemies move on until another cutscene happens. Do this for 7-8 hours and the game is over. It’s simple and fun, sometimes that’s all I am looking for in a video game.

What is your favorite moment or sequence from the game?

Sadly nothing really stands out about this game. Its good but a very boilerplate Gears of War game.

How is the sound design and music?

I don’t remember anything about the music or sound design. Its nothing special and certainly didn’t stand out. The voice acting was on point though so I wouldn’t call it a negative but I wouldn’t call it a positive either. Just a very average sound design experience.

Any Complaints?

No, nothing that comes to mind. It’s an average Gears of War game which don’t take that as a negative because I do think the Gears of War franchise is very good and this is a solid addition to that franchise.

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