What is the genre?

Arcade Sports (specifically Tennis)

Are there any similar games or is it a sequel?

Mario Tennis Aces is the seventh installment and just the second Mario Tennis game that I have played. I originally played Mario Tennis 64 back in the day and I didn’t love it so I didn’t pick up any of the others.

How is the gameplay?

The strength of this game lies in the gameplay. On the surface, its a very basic game. Its tennis you just hit the ball back and forth and your goal is to hit the ball in a way that your opponent can’t return it. You’re given a lot of options for hitting the ball, if your opponent is close the net then you may want to lob shot it over their head. Maybe go for a lob shot if they’re far away from the net, you can spike it. You have a super shot that works a lot like a fighting game super where you build up a meter and then once its full you activate it, it gives you a very powerful super shot.

Now, that’s grazing the options that a player has with the offense but there are also defensive options. The first option is the “Trick Shot,”this a shot that you use if you’re ever out of position. You just activate the trick shot, it takes some of your meter and then the character can get to the other side of the court and will return the shot. It may sound powerful and certainly is but it’s not as powerful as it sounds. I would guess that it works about 80% of the time. Even with that being said, it’s probably my favorite thing in the game. Waluigi is my main and there is something extremely special about watching Waliugi moonwalk and then hit the ball. The other defensive is a slow down time mechanic. If your opponent spikes the ball or super shots it, you have the option to slow down time so you can get to the ball and return. This costs a lot of meter but it is the best option for returning a super shot.

How is the offline and online?

There is online but I have never played it. I only played local multiplayer with friends. It was primarily 4 of us. A few times it was 1 vs 1 but for the most part, we played 2 vs 2 with the joy cons. As small as the joy cons are, it works well enough. I wouldn’t want to play a fighting game with a joy con but Mario Tennis doesn’t require the execution that a  fighting game would so its okay.

Is there any single player?

Yes but I don’t own the game or even rented it. My friend Manny bought the game and would bring it over to my apartment. My only experience is playing the local multi-player watching my friend Manny try to beat a couple levels, single player. It did look a lot harder than you would expect.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, if you own a switch and are looking for a fun multi-player then I think this may be one of the best ones out there at the moment. I have a hard time figuring out which one is better, Mario Kart or this. I haven’t played Mario Kart on the switch but I did play a lot on Wii U which it’s the same game. I lean more towards Mario Kart but this is a close second.

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