I know this is an older game and I know initially this game had a rocky start but playing this game in 2018, I can happily say that its a good game. It’s an easy game to get into, you just sit and start grinding. I regularly talk about Podcasts game on this blog and this is one of the better ones.

I do have a confession about this game, I barely paid attention to the story. I initially did, I always try to get into a video game story but the strength of this game is not its story so about halfway I stopped paying attention to it. It didn’t grab me so I just skipped through it. That’s my only criticism.

The game feels good, it’s a fun loop, it’s a fun grind and it has a ton of replayability. It’s a game that you can sit down and play for 30 hours or 100+ hours. It has the versatility to allow the player to play until their hearts are content.

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