I have been wanting to give an Assassin’s Creed game an actual opportunity. I rented Assassin’s Creed III and once I arrived in North America the game disk just stopped working. I rented Assassins Creed Origins and then I started to play it but I didn’t like the combat and when I finally opened the map, I just said I don’t have it in me to run around this world. I decided to rent the Ezio Collection and go back to beginnings (or close to it).

For me personally, playing Assassin’s Creed II feels outdated. It feels bad. Its a bad remaster where they didn’t update the game it just felt bad. I didn’t like the way the movement felt and there is nothing satisfying about the combat. I’m not going to comment on the story because I didn’t get far enough into the game for the story to get its hooks in me. After about an hour, I decided that I couldn’t play the game anymore.

I am going to give Odyssey a chance but its the last chance for Assassins Creed. If it doesn’t do anything for me. I might have to give up on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Which is too bad because I love history and I would love have games where I can experience certain time periods but I just haven’t been hooked by any of the games thus far.

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