With E3 coming up in a few days. I thought it would be fun to do my own E3 thing. I’m not going to bother with predictions or talk about rumors. I thought it would be more fun to make it more personal. So I’m going to a list of 10 games, 5 are going to be games that are announced and I want to know more about. The other  5 are dream announcements, they’re not likely to happen but you never know.

*Each List is just alphabetized.

Ghost of Tsushima

5 Games I Want to Know More About

1). Borderlands 3: I know 2K tweeted that they’re not going to be talking about Borderlands 3 at E3 but maybe we’ll get lucky and get something. I love Borderlands 2 and I just want to know when 3 is coming out.

2). Ghost of Tsushima: I’m a bit of a Sony fanboy and this is one of the more interesting Sony titles just because we don’t know anything about it. What is the combat like? Is it an expansive open-world? Is it a narrative driven game? I have a lot of questions and I’d like some answers.

3). Marvel (Crystal Dynamics): Much like Ghost of Tsushima, I have a lot of questions. I have even more questions because I don’t even know the Genre its in. I love nerdy shit and love superheroes. I have a good feeling about this game but I need to know more.

4). Pokemon Gen 8: Pokemon is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I know they’re currently working on Pokemon Lets Go and that’s something that I’ll probably pick up but I don’t care about that too much. I want to know more about the next gen of Pokemon. I want to know whats going on with the first real Pokemon game coming to Switch. That’s what I care about.

5). Rage 2: Walmart Canada accidentally leaks this game so Bethesda counters by releasing a trailer. That trailer confused but also piqued my interest. I want to know more about this, specifically, how involved was id. If it’s their combat, the game to be one of my favorite games of this generation.

Uncharted 5

5 Dream Game Announcements

1).  Diablo IV: I have a confession to make, I haven’t played a Diablo game before but everything I know about it. On paper, it’s a game that I will be a huge fan of. Diablo III is a game that is on my backlog, I plan on playing very soon. Sometime in the next couple of weeks. I want them to announce a Diablo IV now so I can be ready for it.

2).  Ratchet & Clank: I don’t know if I want another remake or an entirely new game. I don’t think I care. I just want more Ratchet & Clank.

3). Ryse 2: I know I somewhat recently played Ryse but I really liked it. I think its one of the more underrated games of this generation. I would love for a Ryse sequel, I’m not sure how they could do it. Maybe have it set after the fall of Nero. Maybe you’ll be on the run, just trying to survive.

4). Uncharted 5: Earlier in this post I talked about Pokemon being one of my favorite franchises. The other big franchise for me is Uncharted. I don’t want this franchise to end, I want more. I will always want more, I don’t think its happening but I want it.

5). XCom 3: I know Xcom 2 was a buggy mess but I still love it. I love a good turn-based strategy game but there is nothing quite like Xcom. I guess Mario + Rabbids but even that is a little different. I would love to add another Xcom game to the mix because there is nothing that scratches that itch.  Of course, I can go back and replay 1 and 2 (and I probably will) but I won’t complain if there is another Xcom 3 on the horizon.

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