Looking back at this game retrospectively, I am forced to ask the question. Why did I play this game? The first Life is Strange is good but that’s because I liked Max as a character. Chloe on the other hand, I could not stand. So playing a game that’s entirely about her is probably not a game for me.

If you played the first Life is Strange, its all about Max and Chloe reuniting as friends. Chloe is going through a hard time because her father had passed away and Chloe closest friend Amber has also disappeared. So this game, Before the Storm is a prequel where you get to dive deeper into Chloe and Amber’s relationship.

There  were some interesting moments sprinkled into the game but as a whole, I just don’t like Chloe. I find her to be annoying, childish, selfish, unnecessarily mean to her mother, disrespectful to others and as soon as someone gives her a taste of her own medicine. Then the whole world is against her and woe is me.

I recognize that the Life is Strange series is popular but man its not for me.

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