Mario Tennis Aces Demo

Nintendo technically called this a Demo but it felt like more of a Beta. It was just an online tournament or you could play a very short game with the AI and that was meant more for practice. I’m going to cut to the chase, I was not impressed with this game.

It felt good to play when I was playing offline against the AI but as soon as I went online it was a poor experience. The fact that this is Switch online, that means everyone is on wifi because there is ethernet port. What that means there is a lag especially considering I kept getting paired up against people in what I would presume was Japan. So every match was a terrible connection with terrible lag. The worst part of all was the online latency. It made the game unplayable for me. I can’t tell you how many times I hit the button and nothing happened.

This is one case where a demo (or beta) has completely turned me off from playing a game.

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