So I have Xbox game pass which in case you don’t know what that is, its a service that costs $10 a month and you have access to 50+ games? I don’t actually know the amount but some games are taken out of the service and new games are added in. One day I saw that Kingdom New Lands was added so I downloaded it. It took awhile but eventually, I sat down and started to play it.

I have a confession about this game. It makes me feel stupid. I did not understand what I am supposed to be doing. It’s a side-scroller and I would run back and forth. I would hire people but I don’t really know what I was hiring them to do. I would give money to trees and then next thing I knew the trees were gone but I don’t know why I wanted to do to do that. I spent a couple hours running back and forth doing things but the game never gave me any direction of what my goal was.

I didn’t get frustrated by the lack of direction but I did lose interest. It didn’t make sense, I could have looked up online but after a couple of hours. I just didn’t care so I uninstalled the game and have no interest in going back to it.

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