Every year, I sit down and play one of Pokemon first generation games. This time I decided to shake things up a bit and look Rom hacks and found a website that randomizes Pokemon Reds starter pokemon. So instead of picking either Squirtle, Charmander of Bulbasaur, I picked the male Nidoran.

It ended up being a fantastic decision as Nidoking is one of the best Pokemon in gen 1 because it’s so versatile. It can learn any type move so it opens up options and allows you to build a team however you want to.

The way I like to replay Pokemon is beforehand, build a “unique” team each time and so after I picked Nidoran I sat down and decided what the rest of my team was going to look like. I ended up with Jolteon, Machamp (the hack also allowed me to evolve pokemon that need to be traded at level 42 instead), Pidgeot, Arcanine, Vileplume and of course Nidoking. I was happy with my team until I hit the Psychic gym and then I started to get worried that my team would be destroyed by the Alakazam but luckily Jolteon learns Pin Missle so that saved me.

Ultimately, it was a well-built team that just smoked the Gyms and elite 4 was kind of a breeze. I also came to the conclusion that fire pokemon are just not that helpful in the elite 4. Sadly after the Grass Gym, Arcanine was pretty useless. Next time I play this, I probably won’t even bother with a Fire-type.

All in all, Pokemon is one of my favorite series and the Original Gen is one of my favorite games of all time.

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