1 Star

What is Konami doing? What is the point of this game? This game is a sad cash grab attempt at making a quick buck. Konami is already in hot water with the whole the Kojima incident and then they pull this? The whole point of making this game was, “we spent ‘x’ amount of money on the Fox Engine and we’re going to get our money’s worth.

The sad truth is, this is one of the worst games that I have ever played. Nothing about it is fun, it feels like it was intentionally designed to make you hate yourself. The games first hour is almost all cutscenes with a little bit of gameplay thrown in. The thing about it is, things are happening on the screen but not of its actually interesting. It felt like poorly written fan fiction that was trying so hard to link this game to previous Metal Gear games.

The gameplay itself is not much fun, I personally don’t really like survival games, to begin with, and this seems like a bad survival game as well. First off, I never want to play a game where I have to regularly be drinking and eating to stay alive. I don’t want that, that’s too tedious and it’s not fun. It’s also a loot based game where you run around and loot everything.  I like that kind of mechanic as long its quick but in Survive it takes too long to loot. You walk up to the item, you hold down square (I was playing on my PlayStation 4) for 5 and a half seconds and then you have the item.  If you kill 20 enemies in an area and want to loot all of them, it’s going to take 2-3 minutes to do that. It may not sound like that big of a deal until you do that over and over again. Oddly enough, that ended up being my breaking point for this game.

My simple suggestion is, stay away. I knew this game was getting poor reviews and it was not very popular and that made me curious. Now I know, it’s a bad game and this is one of the worst games I have played the last 3 years.

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