Darksiders 3 is coming out at some point in 2018 and I want to play it but I haven’t played the first two. So I figured why not give them a try before I go out and spend money on a series that I have never played before? The first two games are on Xbox game pass so its stupid not to take advantage of that.

Before I even started to play the game, I kept hearing and reading comparisons to the Nintendo series, Zelda. While playing it, it didn’t quite feel like a traditional Zelda game. I think a big reason for that is the combat, the combat felt better than any Zelda that I have ever played. I realize that’s going to upset Nintendo fans but that’s just my opinion.

The more that I thought about the game, the more I do see the comparisons. There are dungeons all over the place, when you go into a dungeon you get an item. You then have to use the new item to solve some puzzle and it’s sometimes helpful in defeating enemies. Also a lot like Zelda, when you solve a puzzle it makes a sound. Its hard to describe a sound in an article but when you hear that sound, that pitch you know that you have defeated the boss or solved the puzzle or you know that you accomplished something.

This game came out 2010 and the remaster was released in 2016 so the remaster is a couple years old but the original game is only 8 years old. I can say with absolute certainty that the game seems to have aged well or at least the remaster is very well done. If you haven’t played Darksiders yet, it’s definitely worth it.

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