A Way Out is an interesting game with a fun and somewhat unique gimmick. Most people probably remember this game as “The Game made by the ‘Fuck The Oscars’ guy” but there is more to it. It’s a co-op game and it has to be played in co-op. It does suck for the people who don’t have a friend that they can play with but even then, that’s the cool thing about the internet. You go to the right place and you will find people.

Getting back to the game, it’s a linear story where two characters meet in prison and then the story becomes a very run of the mill revenge story. Both characters Vincent and Leo have been wronged by the same guy so they forumulate a plan to break out of prison, find Harvey (the man who wronged them) and murder him.

The story was okay and very serviceable but it isn’t going to win any awards. What probably made the story worse was probably the voice acting. What carries a game like this is the voice acting and the chemistry among actors, there was no chemistry among the characters. Everything felt so stiff between the two and that certainly made the script seem that much worse.

A Way Out_20180317210850
A Way Out_20180317210850

Where this game truly does shine is in the gameplay. It’s not even a case where the gameplay itself is that great but it’s always more fun to do something with a close friend. The game is almost always split-screen and so there were certain moments where I failed because I should have been doing something but I was far too busy watching my friends side of the screen. The game was smart in the sense that it did have some fun mini-games that you could play against your friend. There were horseshoes, darts, connect four (which FYI, I may be the worst connect four players of all time), arm wrestling and there was an arcade cabinet with a game called Grenade Brothers.

I definitely look back at this game and think about how much fun I had with this game. The one thing that I am not so sure about is, I don’t know if I had fun because of the game or because I enjoy hanging out with my friend. Either way, this game was fun to play through and I definitely recommend this game for everyone. Its short, its fun and it’s not going to break the bank. Definitely worth a look.

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