There is something about the Gears of War franchise that I’m really enjoying. The games have all aged very well, there is a story here and there are characters that are likable. Gears of War kind of reminds me of PlayStations franchise Uncharted. They’re both third-person shooters, the big difference is Uncharted is much more story and character driven where Gears is much more shooter driven. If that makes sense.

With that being said though, this iteration is definitely the most cinematic of the three. The first one didn’t really have any narrative, the second one had its moments that felt cinematic but the third is really where they perfected the nuance of storytelling.

Gears of War 3 was an excellent addition to the trilogy. I would really have to sit down and figure out which one is my favorite. I’ll probably do that at some point after I’ve played Judgement and Gears of War 4.  But for now, this is an excellent game that has aged very well.

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