When I sat down and played the Beta last year, I was not a fan of this game. Throughout last year, I heard that the game over time had gotten better and Ubisoft really worked on the game until it was a solid game. So I figured, it had been almost a year, now would be a good time to give the game a try.

Initially, I really enjoyed my time the game. I had put 20 hours into the game and I was having fun but then it became too much. I didn’t sit and count how many provinces were in the game but I would guess the in-game map had at least 20 provinces or sections.

What the gameplay loop was, go into a new area. You have very little information about the area and so you go in and talk to NPC’s or find computers that you “hack” which tells you where the story mission intel is. You go to the story mission intel and then that tells you where you need to go for the actual story mission. Now you need to do that approximately 5 times per area because each area has approximately 5 story missions. Once you complete all 5 story missions that bring out the “boss” of that area so you can capture or kill them. Once you kill the Provinces boss, you completed that Province and you move onto a new one.

The big problem is, there wasn’t enough variety in each mission and it was too big and too ambitious. I had completed 5-6 areas and that took me 20ish hours. I just looked at the map and felt exhausted. I didn’t have it in me to play the game for another 50+ hours. I like shorter games, 20-30 hours is great for me. The game ended up being too big for itself.

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