The game starts out and it immediately feels like its trying to be cinematic. You start out in a location and then it cuts back in time to show you how your character got to that point. The intro is fine but a lot of times thats to create ambiguity and you feel curious but this game didn’t do a great job of peaking my curiosity. I kept playing because the combat seem fun and eventually the story did intrigue me but it did not get its hooks into me initially.

To boil the story to its most simplistic, it ends up being a boiler plate revenge story. Which I found to be incredibly disappointing, you’re in Ancient Rome but you don’t really take advantage of it. Its a story that could fit in almost any era and thats a bummer.

What ended up carrying this game for me personally was its combat. Its not a combat that you want to engage in for a long time but for the games 7-8 hours, its the perfect amount of time to have enjoy the combat but not get sick of it. The combat really kind of reminded me of Shadow of Mordor, its very mashy and beat em’ up where you attack, counter and then go back to attacking. Eventually you wear down the enemies to the point where you can finish them off with a special kill move. The animations took a little longer than you would want but atleast there were quite of few different killing animations so atleast they felt somewhat fresh.

I did enjoy my time with the game, this is one of those games where I bought this game for cheap and enjoyed it. If I spent $60 on the game, I would probably have a different outlook on this game. It definitely wasn’t worth the $60 but if you can get it under $20, its not a bad game to sit down and play through some weekend.

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