I know a couple years ago, I did a “review” of Banjo-Kazooie but I this time I wanted to talk about the Xbox port (plus I just really like talking about this game). It is my childhood favorite game so I love sitting down and playing the game.

After playing through the XBox version, I can say with 100% confidence that I will never play the N64 version ever again. The Xbox version is better because its easy saves, a wireless controller and my favorite added feature the Music Notes save. One thing that I hated about the original was if I collected 52 notes and then died. My best run of that world would be 52 but if I wanted to 100% the game then I would have to recollect all of those music notes again. The Xbox version saves that, it doesn’t force me to go back through and redo the same thing if I die or just leave the world. If I’ve collected a note then its done. I don’t have to get it again and I love that.

Typically what would happen when I would sit down and play Banjo-Kazooie, I would start out trying to 100% the game and then about half-way through I start to do the bare minimum to get through the game. This time I didn’t do that. I wanted to 100% this game because I had never done it before. Now, I can say that I have 100% one of my favorite childhood games.

This is not a game that I would recommend to anyone. Especially anyone young but for us older gamers playing for Nostalgia. Yea, it’s still a fun game and this port makes the game better.

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