The game’s story is pretty forgettable. Its only been a day since I completed the campaign and I’ve already forgotten most of what happened. I remember your characters name is “Soap” and an atomic bomb gets dropped at one point. Other than that, this story was in one ear and out the other.

The gameplay itself is the appeal of this game. It’s a tight, well made first person shooter. My biggest complaint about the combat is, it’s not the run and gun style that I enjoy out of a first-person shooter. It’s going for a more “realistic” feel and that’s okay but its never going to get me to love the game.

I never played the original but my impression of this remaster is that its a very well done port. The shooting feels good and its a nice short campaign. I enjoyed it enough that I went online and ordered Modern Warfare 2 and 3 for my Xbox 360. I probably won’t play them anytime too soon but I will play both by the end of the year.

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