Before today, I had never heard of Kamen Rider. I guess its a Japanese series similar to Power Rangers except that Kamen Rider is for an older audience. Even as a kid, I was never a huge Power Rangers fan so this game being in the same vein as that does nothing for me personally.

My friends and I have been getting together for years and playing fighting games, we’ve played all of the mainstream games but we’ve also played a lot of under the radar games that no one has heard of. Chances are this one of them.  I will say that this game was a lot of fun.

The game had very easy inputs, there was no quarter turns, half circle or dragon punch inputs. The combo’s themselves were very easy to string together, you could basically mash out a combo with relative ease. Thatsa huge reason for why it was so much fun. Very easy to pick up and play, the downside is. The game would probably get old quickly.

My only complaint is the “super moves” took too long. Each animation took probably 20-30 seconds. That’s too long, I like a game that moves along quickly and always slowed things down.

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