Lately, I have been feeling nostalgic towards the NHL 2K series. It’s very much in large part due to the fact that EA has been dropping the ball for the last 5-6 years. After they whipped out the competition, EA no longer had to try.

During my Playstation 2 and 3 days, I would only buy 2 games per year. EA NHL and 2K NHL. I always prefer the gameplay of EA but then I preferred the franchise mode of 2K. There were three things that I really liked about 2K10 was 1, shareable rosters. Back in the day, I spent days crafting my roster and keeping it up to date and then sharing it online. My roster was given 4.5 stars and was one of the most downloaded rosters. The other feature that I loved was editable Entry Drafts. That way, every few years I could create the occasional franchise superstar. Basically “The Next Wayne Gretzky.” The third was the fact that I could control all 30 teams in the franchise mode. I would sim the seasons, draft for each teams needs, try to do fair trades that benefit both teams and sign free agents that benefitted each team.

Unfortunately, the online features of the game are no longer active but I still had fun, creating draft classes and simming through the franchise mode. I stopped after 10 seasons because it stopped being fun but the nice thing is. When I feel like playing the game again, I won’t have to create the draft classes. They’re saved on the system and they’re right there.

All in all, the game is pretty much what I remember. I never really liked playing the hockey games and always preferred to play the game as a franchise mode simulator. In that sense, the game has aged well. I definitely could see myself going back to this game once or twice per year. Definitely worth the $5 I spent on Amazon.

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