This is a fighting game that is still in Early Access. It started out as a My Little Pony fighting game but then Hasbro was like, no you can’t do that. So they scrapped that game and created a whole new one that is My Little Pony inspired that uses the Skullgirls game engine. The game itself felt weird and my brain could wrap around this game. I just didn’t like the way it felt.

Even though the game is running on the Skullgirls engine, it didn’t feel like Skullgirls. There is not a lot that I can say about this game because I did not enjoy playing it. I didn’t like the way the game felt, I didn’t like any of the characters, I don’t like the way it looks but I will give credit where credit is due. The name is pretty good, I’ll give them that.

If you’re into fighting games, I would skip this one or at least wait until it’s out of early access.


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