There is something about the way this game starts that really hit home for me. It’s a very basic beginning where your character is an office worker who is clearly unhappy about his career. You open up a letter from your Grandpa that basically tells you that he has gifted his farm to you and you should drop everything in your life and find a simpler lifestyle as a farmer.

Once you arrive at the farm, you quickly realize that it’s run down and it needs a lot of work. After that, the game opens up and you can do whatever you want. If you want to wander around town, talking to people and getting to know them you can, if you want to work on your farm and harvest, you can. If you want to have livestock you can if you want to go to the mines for the day. You can do that as well.

The game is split into 4 segments, there is spring, summer, fall, and winter. The 4 seasons, there are 4 months in a year and each month is a season. Spring, Summer, and Fall are harvesting months so spent all my time working on that. I would work until my character was exhausted for the day and then I would go to bed. Often times I was going to bed by noon but I was okay with that. In my mind, my character wasn’t actually going to bed. He was just relaxing for the rest of the day.  When Winter hit, I couldn’t harvest anymore so than every day during winter I went to the mines. This allowed me to acquire a lot of rocks and gems.

I used those rocks and gems to then craft sprinklers so that way when Spring of year 2 rolled along, I didn’t have to water the plants anymore. This made things a lot easier for me. It really turned my farm into a production powerhouse. To put it simply, I was making bank during the Spring, Summer, and Fall of year 2.

Stardew 2

By the time Winter of Year 2 rolled around. I was just about done with the game. Unfortunately for me, I’m the type of person after 30-40 hours with a game. I’m usually ready to move on and that’s what happened here. I forced myself to keep playing through the winter of year 2 because that was going to be my defining moment of “I beat this game.”

I really enjoyed my time with this game and it was so peaceful and low stress. It was exactly what I needed but after 30+ hours with the game. I was starting to get bored and was looking forward to playing a game with a little more action.

This is a fantastic game and I think everyone should try it. It does become very addictive.

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