The Jackbox Party Pack is a pack of 5 games in one. They’re all party games where you don’t use a controller, you use your phone. This is the third time they’ve released pack and like the other 2 previous packs. The games are hit or miss.

Quiplash 2: I assume the names come from “Quip” and your goal is kind of like Cards Against Humanity. You’re trying to come up the funniest answer. This game is only fun if the people you play with are funny. I use to really like Quiplash but the last couple times I have played it, it hasn’t been fun.

Trivia Murder Party: Its just a little twist on Trivia. We played 1 game of it and it was okay. It’s just another trivia game.

Guesspionage:  Its just another trivia-based game where they have surveyed people and use percentages. It’s kind of like a party version of Family Feud.

Fakin’ It: The game asked questions to every person except for one and they’re a spy. The spies goal is to blend in while the others are trying to figure out who the spy is. So for example, one of the prompts was to put up fingers to represent your longest fart. So naturally, I put up all of my fingers but the spy doesn’t know what the prompt is so they just see people putting up their fingers and have to make a guess of what they should do.

Tee K.O.: This was my favorite game of them all. There are multiple stages and the first stage is to just draw 2 random things. The next stage is come up with random slogans and sayings, as many as you can come up with. The third stage is you’re handed 3 drawings and three slogans and you have to come up with a T-Shirt. Then the T-Shirts compete against each other and the person who designed the best t-shirt wins. The coolest part of the game is you can actually buy any t-shirt you design.

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