I have just recently completed Gears of War, the first one and my goal is to play all of the Gears of War franchise. This is just the 2nd one and I will keep continuing to play them all. Gears of War 2 feels like a much better game than the original. It also feels much easier, it seems like they knocked down the difficulty settings quite a bit. Personally I kind of liked it though because it allowed me to play the game as a little bit more of a run and gun rather than the cover shooter that its suppose to be.

I enjoy a fun shooter campaign and the Gears franchise seems to be a well-made shooter campaign. I am having a fantastic time with the franchise. As I’m playing these games, I can’t help but appreciate what Gears have done for the Genre. Who knows without Gears, there may not have been Uncharted or if there was. It may not have been as good.

The game itself has aged very well. The shooting works great, honestly, for an Xbox 360 game, I was impressed with how it looked. Sure its a dark and grimy game but it still looks good. I thought the first Gears game aged well and I think this game is even better. The Gears can be picked up for cheap and I highly recommend it.

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