There is a first for everything and Monster Hunter World is the first Monster Hunter game that I decided to sit down and give it a try. I am glad that I did, I became obsessed with this game and played it non-stop for a week. You know how there is Shark Week, it was Monster Week.

To boil this game down to its simplest, its eat, hunt, craft. Before a hunt, you want to sit down and eat. Eating can give you a boost in health, stamina, attack, defense or give you some elemental resistance. Personally me I chose to always go with the Chefs Special because it always gave the max stamina and health. Plus it would then give a boost in the other three, its always random but I liked going into each hunt with max health and stamina.

Next on the list is hunt, sometimes you go on a  hunt to carry on the story or sometimes you may be looking to craft something. Which brings me to the last of the loop which is craft. The stronger monsters have better armor and weapons so your goal is to keep fighting stronger monsters so you can craft better armor and weapons so that way you can be better equipped to fight stronger monsters. That’s the loop and you just keep doing that over and over again until your heart is content.

Monster Hunter Pukei

The game has plenty of weapon options which allows for almost any playstyle. When I first played the game in the beta, I leaned towards the bow and arrow which feels great to use but in the beta, I struggled against the Nergigante which forced me to try different weapons. I wound up using the sword and shield, really liked that so when the full game was released I immediately went to that.

What drove me to keep playing this game is, it felt unique. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what this game reminds me of. Yes, its another loot based grinding game but the combat itself doesn’t feel like any of those kinds of games. The combat itself feels very unique and its refreshing to play something so different.

If I had to poke holes in the game, it would probably be its story. It’s just a very bland story that feels tacked on, I didn’t find it interesting at all. The on;y reason why I advanced the story was so I could open up new monsters, areas, and quests. Also, this is just a personal pet peeve but in all of the cut scenes that your character is in, they’re just an empty vessel. They don’t do or say anything, they just stand there, it’s just odd because all of the other characters would talk or at least be animated but yours just stands there.

Monster Hunter Teostra

One of the tougher questions I could ask myself is what is my favorite monster? I think I would have to go with one of the Elder Dragons and that’s the Teostra. I just thought it was a very cool looking monster. It kind of reminded me of a Griffin. It has a lion head with a flying dragon body. Oh, and it breathes fire, yea its pretty cool. That was the final armor set I went with because I liked the way it looked and I enjoyed fighting it.

Personally, for me, I put in over 70 hours in one week and I think I’m good. I have had a blast playing this game but now I’m starting to get that itchy feeling like its time to move on and try something new. But this is a game that I highly recommend for everyone, give this game a try and I’m willing to bet you will get your money’s worth.

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