Shadow of Colossus

February is going to be a quieter month for games. For the most part there is not much that is new that I’m excited about but there are some remakes that I look to trying out at some point throughout the year.

1) . Shadow of the Colussus-Feb. 6

A classic PlayStation 2 game, it sounds interesting and graphically it looks amazing. I probably won’t pick this game up in February but at some point when its on sale, I’ll give it a shot.

2). Owlboy-Feb. 13

This was a Steam release a couple years ago, finally its being released on Consoles. Seems like its an interesting platformer and I want to play more indie games so this could be one of the indie games I play this year.

3). Kingdom Come: Deliverance-Feb. 13

This is a game that I just don’t know about. I wouldn’t say that I’m excited about this game. Maybe cautiously optimistic, it sounds cool but it also could be very bad.


4). Bayonetta 1& 2-Feb. 16

I know this technically 2 games but they’re going to be combined. Having never played a Bayonetta game before, it might be fun to finally give the series a shot and buy it for the Nintendo Switch.

5). Age of Empires: Definitive Edition-Feb. 20

I like history and I like strategy games, why haven’t I given this series a chance? Either way, now its getting re-released and it looks pretty good.

6). Metal Gear Survive-Feb. 20

I don’t know about this game, it could be fun but it is just a tower-defense game where you fight zombies. I don’t know about you but I’m kind of over Zombies.


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