To put it nicely, Overcooked is kind of like a Mario Party Mini Game. But a very good one at that. It’s a cooperative Multi-Player game where you try to work together as chefs. You have different challenges along the way but every “mission” boils down to the same goal. Cook as much food in as little time as you can.

There is actually a decent story that is accompanied by this game as well. There is a “Great Beast” that looks like Meatball Monster but it has an insatiable appetite so you must go back in time to learn how to cook. So as you’re progressing through the story, you’re learning new dishes that you will be able to cook at present to appease the “Great Beast.”

I messed around with the single player aspect of the game. Its the same campaign as the normal campaign that you play with friends but instead you play it alone. It felt do-able but it wasn’t a lot of fun. This is a game where you’re going to want at least one other person. If you could have a team of 4, that would probably be the most fun but also the most chaotic.

I ended up picking this game up for very cheap on PlayStation Network,  its hands down the best $5 I spent on a video game. This game is definitely worth picking up for $15-20.

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