There was a period of time in my life where all I wanted in this world was a god damn chicken dinner. Oh, I craved it, I would go home sit down and grind for hours and hours trying to win the elusive dinner but it wasn’t meant to be. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this game PUBG has the cool call it has a screen when you win that says “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” Or at least that’s what I think it says. I wouldn’t know because I’m a loser.

In case you have been living under a rock for the last 9 months and don’t know this game is. Its a game last inspired the movie Battle Royale where one hundred people dropped onto an Island with nothing but the clothes on your back and you must fight one another to be the lone survivor. You battle one another with primarily guns and there are multiple guns for all scenarios and you find these guns throughout the map. You can also acquire guns by killing other people and taking their guns.

In case you didn’t figure it out before (primarily because I didn’t tell you), this game is perma-death so what that means is when you die its game over. You can start a new match but your match is done so what this does is it encourages Camping. I know people really hate camping but if I have the opportunity to do so, I will happily sit back and camp away. I’m very weird in that sense because if I’m playing an offline campaign, I want to run and gun. I don’t want to sit in one spot and that’s why I love the campaign of Doom but if I’m playing a competitive online shooter I am the exact opposite. I will find a nice cozy spot that I can sit back and just wait for people.

PUBG Circle

Now you may be wondering if it’s a large Island and plenty of places to hide, what’s keeping everyone from camping? The simple answer is the game condenses everyone into a smaller and smaller area. The longer explanation is initially you can go anywhere on the Island but about 5 minutes in a large circle will show up on the map. You want to get into that circle because the map will start condensing and once that happens, if you’re outside the circle you will start to lose health and eventually die. Just like the image above shows, the circle keeps getting smaller and smaller. So if you’re lucky then circle may condense on you (I was never that lucky). Its also important to note that in every game, the circle is random and you never know how it’s going to go. You just have to hope for the best.

Before I get too far into this review I do want to mention that I did play this game on an Xbox One S. I know its primarily a PC game and the better version is on PC but I don’t have the money to spend on a $1000 gaming PC. I am a budget gamer and buying a $250 Xbox One was much friendlier on my wallet.

I’m sure anyone reading this is curious about how this game plays on the Xbox One S and for the most part, it runs well enough. It is far from polished and rubber-banding is still an issue but the game is still technically in early access so I give it somewhat of a free pass (for now).

One of the reason camping is so effective in PUBG is because of sound. This is a very auditory game, you want to sit back and listen. Listen for footsteps because you can hear the footsteps outside of the house, then maybe you can hear the door open up, Then you can hear the person walking towards you. So then you can surprise and ambush them. There is this nervousness with the game that’s almost hard to describe.

Imagine what I’ve just said, you’ve set up a trap and you’ve dropped some loot right in front of you. You hear footsteps, they’re coming in the door, they’re walking towards that loot they’re not going to see you. You’re ready for them, you’ve been waiting for 10,20,30 maybe even 40 minutes for someone to come. But you only have 1 chance to kill them, if you mess up and they get the jump on you. Now you’re dead and you just wasted all of that time. So there is this nervousness because you don’t want to mess up but you still do because you suck.

PUBG Squad

Although I don’t have a lot of experience playing this way, the game also supports Duos and Squads. They’re different game modes for in case you want to play with friends. So Duo’s is 2 people working together on the same team and Squad is 3 or 4 people working together. So Duo’s is usually about 50 teams and Squad is usually somewhere between 25-35 teams. In these scenarios you don’t have to be the last person, you just have to be the last team so it’s always possible that 4 people are still alive at the end of the game but they’re all on the same team. I didn’t get to engage with this too much because my friends are PC gamers so they have no reason to buy an Xbox because they have the better machine. They do have Nintendo Switches and PS4’s but there is no reason to own an Xbox if you have a good PC. So I played alone, I did a few drop-ins and sometimes my own teammates would kill me because the internet sucks.

The truth of this game is, its a very fun game but it wore on me after a month. As I joked before about never winning, it was something that I was really trying hard to get but this is a hard game and I suck at video games. I’m not good at competitive games, I enjoy playing them but I’m bad so that’s why I typically avoid competitive games and tougher games. I love a good story but for whatever reason, I got the PUBG fever and I wanted to win. But sadly after a month of sitting down every day and playing for a few hours. I couldn’t do it anymore. So that’s something to certainly keep in mind.

When its all said and done, I think this is a game that I can recommend. It’s not the price of a full $60 game. Keep in mind that it is in early access so it’s not complete so it does have mechanical issues but every week the game is getting patched and improving. If you have a small group of friends and looking for something to play, I would recommend looking into this game.

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