I’ve never been a big tower defense guy but there is something about this game that I’ve always kind of liked. It’s probably a mixture of the strategy involved, the cartoony style and simplistic gameplay. This is a game that I’ve sat down and played many times but I’ve never actually beaten the game. It was on Steam, it was on sale so I picked it up.

If you don’t know what Plants Vs Zombies is, it’s essentially you vs Zombies. What you use to defend yourself against Zombies with plants. You can shoot them, eat them, slow them down or light them on fire but the thing about Zombies is. They keep coming. That’s the tower defense aspect of the game. Sometimes they come during the day, sometimes it’s at night and at the end they try getting into the house via the roof. As you progress through the campaign, you unlock more effective plants to use against the Zombies.

This is a fun game, I was a little surprised to see this game on Steam if I’m going to be honest. I always thought of this game as a mobile app but honestly, it’s a well-made game. Not only is there a main quest but there is also mini-games and several puzzles to solve. I ended up putting 50 hours into this game. There is a depth to the game that is unexpected but and when you deploy thoughtful strategies and they work out. Its an extremely rewarding game. This game has me thinking that I should give more tower defense games a chance.

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