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Oh, 2017, what an interesting year you were. Politically things happened. Depending on your opinion of the matter, it may have been a great year politically or a shitty year. Although I think we can agree, TV and Movies in 2017 were both underwhelming. There is a reason why I cut cable a couple years ago. It sucks.

With all of this being said, it wasn’t a terrible year for me. I bought an Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and it was one of the best years for games I have ever seen. That’s why I’m doing a top 25 this year because I feel passionate enough about 25 games.

Now before I begin with my list, I want to preface that this is my list. This list is not the top 25 best games per se, it’s my top 25 games of 2017. There are going to be games that this list is missing, its either because I didn’t like them or I didn’t get a chance to play them. There is going to be a word that comes up a lot and that’s “fun,” there are some good games that I didn’t have fun playing and that’s why they’re missing.

So without further ado, let’s get this list going.


25) NHL 18:

My two biggest interests in life are hockey and video games. Unfortunately for me, there aren’t a lot of great options when it comes to hockey video games. Especially if I want to play against other people. That basically leaves me the EA NHL series. Unfortunately once again, EA has no reason to make a great hockey game. They could make the best hockey ever made but that’s not going to lead to a ton more sales. So hockey fans, this is what we’re stuck with. It’s on my list because I like hockey.

24) Hidden Agenda:

This is an interesting game because throughout the entire game, it looked way too graphically advanced to the point where the eyes just looked dead. This created this uncanny valley effect, it was odd. I played this with friends, it was an interesting story but we got a bad ending and that really brought down the entire experience.

23) Middle Earth: Shadow of War:

The somewhat disappointing sequel to Shadow of Mordor. This is a game that really started to stir up the controversy pot with its micro-transactions. Once people got their hands on the game, it was quickly evident that was a non-issue. I played this game for probably 25 hours, I didn’t finish it. I just around with the nemesis system for 25 hours and then called it quits. The game needed better story missions and just a better story. If this game was a little shorter and had a better story, this would have made my top 10.


22) Super Blood Hockey

Thank you, Loren Lemcke. You managed to make the best hockey game in probably 5 years. Clearly, a lot of love went into this game but the game is a cheaper Steam game and there is sadly no online. With no online, it’s hard to put it any higher because I only got to play with other people for a couple hours this entire year.

21) Mass Effect Andromeda

This is the most controversial game on this list. Instead of looking at the legacy of this franchise and holding that against the game. I just treated it like it was new third-person shooter called Andromeda. It wasn’t as bad as people say, it was devoid of character but the combat was fun enough. I didn’t do a lot of the side quests and just mainlined the game. For what it was, it was a fun experience.

20) Tekken 7

I have never been a big 3-D fighting fan but god damn there is something about this game. I primarily used Akuma which in case you don’t know, he’s from the Capcom Street Fighter series and somehow he just fits. It feels like you’re playing Street Fighter in a Tekken game. It’s extremely well done.


19) A Night in the Woods

I hate to overly simplify this game but its essentially Garden State the game. It’s about a character who has come back to her hometown after going away to college for a couple years. For most people, it’s an extremely relatable game but for me, I just couldn’t connect to any of the main characters. Mae is the main character and her Mom is the best. One of my favorite tertiary characters of the year. She’s the mom I wish I had.

18) Splatoon 2

I never gave the first Splatoon much of a chance. This is such a charming franchise and its a lot of fun but I’m not hugely into competitive arena shooters anymore. The formula of starting a match, paint, die, respawn it gets old for me.Fun twist and it kept my interest for longer than most shooters not that much longer.

17) Agents of Mayhem

I don’t know why I liked this game. This is my guilty pleasure game. I recognize that its bad, it’s very bad but for some reason, I had fun playing it. If I’m going by just pure fun, its a top 10 game for me. But I can’t do that, it’s not good. Don’t play it but maybe try it.


16) Nidhogg 2

There is something about this game that just brings the worst out in people and that’s why I love it. When you’re playing against someone and they kill you, if you don’t yell “F*ck you!” at them, you’re not playing it right.

15) Crawl

This is a game that is suffering from being an early access game for the last couple of years. I played this game a ton a couple of years ago but not so much this year. I still always have fun playing it but because it doesn’t have online. It makes the game dead in the water for me.

14) Injustice 2

I have a bold statement to make, this is the blueprint of how Fighting Games need to be made. The games’ story is fantastic, the gameplay is fantastic, the single player (even excluding the story) is fantastic. I barely played this game online because there is so much to do offline.


13) Resident Evil 7

It breaks my heart that this game didn’t make my top 10. Between 2 and 13, there was a fight for those spots and Resident Evil was pushed back to 13 because I had the least amount of fun playing it. Its great and amazing but it scared me too much and I don’t find being scared to be fun.

12) Sniper Elite 4

I enjoy playing shooter campaigns but I’ve never been a big fan of being a Sniper. That is until now, this game was a lot of fun and it was really kind of like a Sandbox game. You get thrown into an environment with a task and a Sniper Rifle, A Secondary Weapon ( I always used a Tommy Gun) and a Pistol (I always chose the Revolver). Complete the task, however, you see fit. For me, it was kill everyone and I was not the most stealthy doing it.

11) South Park: Fractured But Whole

As I’ve gotten older, I have lost interest in the show. I haven’t watched it in years. To be honest, the only reason I picked it up was that the combat was turn-based. I’m glad I picked it up. It made me laugh a few times, they leaned too hard on fart but that’s South Park. In the end, it was a very funny at times, I enjoyed the combat and the story kept me interested.


10) Xcom 2: War of the Chosen

This would be higher on my list because I love the XCom series but it is an expansion pack so its hard for me to put it any higher than 10th. If this was a new game and not just an expansion to an old game. It would be top 5.

9) PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

This is an interesting game, it seems like there are only two types of people when it comes to this game. Either they agree, that it’s a fun game or they’re angry because people like it. This game proves that a game doesn’t need to be polished to be fun and that’s why it’s on my list. I will not call it good but I will absolutely call it fun.

8) Destiny 2

This is the best a shooter has ever felt. It feels so good to run around and shoot enemies. Good on Bungie for perfecting combat but there is nothing else to this game. I played it 30-40 hours and I don’t remember much. I just remember putting on podcasts and having fun.


7) Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

I don’t even know where to start with this game. It is off the chain crazy and I love it. The game is definitely split into 2 parts, part 1 is doom and gloom. It was an okay and enjoyable experience but part 2 is when the wheels fall off the track and becomes one of the best First Person Shooter campaigns I have ever played.

6) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There was a point in my life where I thought that I hated all 3D Zelda games. A Link to the Past is one of my favorite games of all time but I haven’t like a single Zelda game since. That is until now, Breath of the Wild takes the Zelda formula and turns it on its head. One may even say that it was a breath of fresh, wild air.

5) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Ninja Theory successfully found a way to make the best looking indie I have ever played. It wasn’t necessarily a pretty game but the aesthetic fit the narrative perfectly. Some may complain that this was a boring walking simulator with bad puzzles but for whatever reason, the story really resonated with me.


4) Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

The game that was not supposed to be good turned out to be pretty good. I already talked about my love of XCom and this is really good Xcom rip off with an interesting spin. 2 things that I took away from this game, 1 is that Rabbid Luigi is a beast and 2, Grant Kirkhope is still the best.

3) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I have a confession to make, I’m a bit of an Uncharted fanboy. I love the Uncharted franchise and its a great addition to the franchise. It reminded me of a Marvel movie, the pacing, the action, the character interactions and the humor just sprinkled in ever so perfectly. Plus the game made me Sam Drake a lot more.

2) Yakuza 0

In case you can’t tell from my list, I’m much more into Western games. Its nothing personal to the Japanese, I just have a hard time relating to their characters. A lot of times if something is very Japanese, I typically walk away rather quickly (a lot like I did with Nier: Automata). But then this game is the perfect mixture of humor, weirdness and soap opera-esque and it’s so amazing.


1) Horizon Zero Dawn

Forget game of the year, this is one of the best games that I have ever played. I loved every second of this. The combat of using a bow and arrow is so satisfying and intense at the same time. When I finally took down one of the larger machines I would just let out a sigh of relief because my stress levels would reach a new high.

Also the story, I could spend the rest of my life talking about that story. I loved it so much. I’m man enough that it made me cry at one point.

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