This may end up being the most frustrating game that I have played all year. The gameplay is fun, the characters are well developed and even though they’re caricatures and criminals, they’re relatable. I really liked the character Franklin who seems like a good guy who is sadly brought up in the wrong neighborhood. Michael seems like a decent guy who has a bad temper but he seems to mean well and then there is Trevor who is a bad dude. There is nothing redeemable about him.

In this game, you’re playing as all three characters and as I said, I liked two of them. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it was but the game was such a buggy mess. I didn’t have it in me to finish the game. I’m sorry to anyone who is actually going to read this. The rest of this is just going to be a rant about the game.

Early on, when Michael and Franklin are still getting to know one another. You meet Michaels son for the first time and you have to chase down the boat. I did all of that and then the game takes you to a repair shop. I pull into the shop and nothing happens, I drive all over the place in the shop and nothing happens. So after 5-10 mins trying different things, I close the game and then start it again.

When I start it up again, it makes me redo that mission again. Then I get to the part where I need to pull into the shop and it instantly triggers a cutscene. Are you kidding me?

Then a little later on, the mission where you end up stealing the super weapon that you end up having to put back because selling it to the Chinese would be bad. I had 3 more major bugs.

The first one is where was I had to drive a forklift and pick up some crates. The problem is, I couldn’t get into the forklift. No matter what I did. The game would not trigger me to get into the forklift. Eventually, I gave up and started running around and then I ended up going to an area where it fails the mission because I’m “caught.”


Then it cuts back a little bit and somehow I’m sitting on the forklift so its like okay. Now I can actually do the mission. But when I got over to the area where I had to pick up crates. I spent 5-10 minutes just trying to pick up crates that I just couldn’t. So I gave up and ran over to the area where I got caught before. Then it cuts me back in the forklift. I just hopped out of the forklift ran straight over to the area where you fail for a third time just so I could skip that section of the mission.

Finally on that same mission. When you play as Franklin and you’re fixed on being the sniper. You can’t move, you can’t do anything other than snipe. The problem is, I couldn’t zoom in and it was dark so I could see the enemies. So I kept trying different things and eventually, Michael died. Fail the mission and restart. I had to sit there and wait 5 minutes for Michael to die 2 other times just so I could skip that section of the mission so I could progress.

This is one of the buggiest games I have ever seen. The fact that this game made a billion dollars and its borderline unplayable is upsetting.

I feel better now.

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