Hidden Agenda is one of the new PlayLink released by Sony. PlayLink is Sony’s attempt at Jackbox games where instead of a controller, you use a smartphone. Its meant to be more inclusive and something you bring out for parties or get-togethers. Not everyone has 4+ controllers (hell I only have 1 working controller) but this way everyone can play as long as they have a smart phone or even a tablet. You just download the app on your phone and everyone can play the game.

In this particular game, it’s an adventure game a lot like a Telltale Game where you have a couple choices in a dialogue. Often times it will be an option of, do you want to come off as annoyed or apologetic, do you want to come off as cynical or optimistic, calm or frustrated. Everyone votes and its simply popular vote wins. If there is an even amount of people and the votes are split, the game will not advance until there is a majority vote. So it does encourage you to talk to friends which can be fun sometimes.

The game’s story started out interesting, it’s about rehashing an old case and trying to determine whether a person who is on death is an actual murderer. As the game progresses, the story feels like a CSI episode at best. There are a lot of plot hole and liberties taken that don’t make a lot of sense but overall it’s an okay crime-solving story. I do want to mention the ending because it was one of the worst endings I have ever encountered in any medium. There are multiple ending and the one I got, the game just ended. The game had just reached its narrative climax, something happened and then the game ended. From climax to end was maybe 5-10 seconds. I felt cheated and it fowled an overall pleasant experience. I do want to try and play this game again but I can’t do it right now. Maybe in a few months, I’ll try it again.

The game comes off as feeling very average, its an average story, gameplay wise its like Telltale and Jackbox got together and created this game. The difference is, Telltale is better at telling stories. It’s not a terrible game and it looks nice but it looks too nice. Uncanny Valley when describing this game, I found myself looking at the characters eyes and teeth far more often than I probably should have.

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