This is a game that I went into with high expectations. I heard great things about the game and really thought it was going to be extremely relatable. It just didn’t pan out for me that way. This a game that is very reliant on you finding the characters to be relatable and it just didn’t happen for me.

The whole premise of the game is, your character has gone away to college for the last couple years, it didn’t work out and now she’s back home living with her parents. For the main character Mae, it’s a weird combination where everything looks like its the same but at the same time, everything feels different. Really its a story about going home.

That’s probably one reason why I just didn’t relate to the main character, I never went away to college. I went to a local community college and lived at home, then after 2 years I just jumped straight into work.

Going into the game, I also knew the game dealt with depression and that’s why I felt like I may find it relatable but the game just didn’t do anything for me. I just had to slog through this game and the 8-10 hours that I played it. I had maybe an hour of enjoyment.

This game was just not for me.

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