I have a confession to make with this game. I did not play much of it. Some may be wondering why I’m writing an article on it then and the truth is. I don’t view this blog as a review site, it’s more of a site for me to document all of the games that I play. Not only that but its a central location for me talk about all of the games that I play.

I sat down and started playing the game, the combat felt okay and the story felt okay as well. Primarily I wanted to play the game because I like Ancient Egyptian Culture. The truth is, I sat down started playing it for about an hour. I opened up the map and saw how many areas I needed to open up and I just didn’t have it in me right now. After playing Zelda and Shadow of War last month. I need a break from Open World games right now.

Maybe in 2018, I’ll give this game another shot but for now. I can’t do it.

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