There are a couple of big surprises regarding this game. The first one is this game shouldn’t exist, I can’t believe Nintendo allowed Ubisoft access to Nintendo’s flagship IP (intellectual property). I think this is a great sign and maybe  Nintendo will be willing to let Nintendo characters be guest characters in other games. Regardless Rabbids and Mario are such a weird combination but here we are. The other shock is the game is good? A game with Rabbids is not only good but funny? I did not see that coming.

I hate to reduce the game by calling it a Xcom knock off but that’s kind of what the game is.  The big difference to me is Xcom is much more frantic and chaotic where this is much more of a strategy game.  Because the game is either 50% or 100%, it allows you to plan ahead and devise viable a strategy to beat every level.

Each level is kind of like golf where each hole is a par 3, 4, 5 or whatever. This game has a similar approach to the levels where each battle has “x” amount of turns to complete. If the battle is a par 3 and you do it in 3 turns then you’re rewarded with a little more experience so your cast of characters is a little stronger and little better. What this does, it encourages you to strategize and its almost as if it’s a fun puzzle to solve.

Mario Rabbids 2

The game does have a story although it’s not the games greatest strength. It starts out with a young girl who appears to be a young genius and has created a device that melds things together. With her being a genius she’s also a Nintendo fanatic so she has Nintendo memorabilia all over her bedroom. When she leaves her bedroom, Rabbids appear out of nowhere in a washing machine, time machine thing. A Rabbid proceeds to put on her melding device and thats how Rabbids end up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

This when the game begins. You start out with Mario, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Peach. As you play through the game, you unlock more characters like Luigi, Rabbid Mario, and Peach. Later on, you do unlock Yoshi and Rabbid Yoshi but it’s too late in the game for them to even make an impact. Of all the characters in the game, my favorite was Rabbid Luigi. With his vampire ability, I was able to do damage and keep the rest of my team healthy and alive.

There is one thing that I have to talk about and that’s about halfway through the game you fight a boss. He’s the Phantom Rabbid Boss and this fight is one my favorite moments of the year. He’s like an opera singer and what he sings about is basically him insulting Mario. I don’t want to get into specifics of what he says but man it’s so good.

Mario Rabbids 3

Now that I’ve talked about the best part of the game (that boss), now I have to talk about a few complaints I have with the game. The game overstays its welcome, it’s a little too long. The first two worlds move along quickly but then the third world seems to take a lot longer and then the final world just felt like it took half the game to finish. It probably wasn’t that long but it felt like a long time. I eluded to this earlier but you get Yoshi and Rabbid Yoshi far too late in the game. By the time you get them, you’ve already come up with viable strategies and you’ve already put the resources into other units. In my opinion, you should unlock all of the characters by the end of the first world.

My recommendation for this game is to take it slow. Sit down and play for an hour at a time and play it for a few weeks. That way it won’t overstay its welcome. I do recommend this game and its one of my favorite games that I have played this year but its not something you want to mainstream in a couple days.

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