This is a hard game to sit down and talk about. In this short, non-stop, action-packed game, it just goes for it. It dark, gritty and sad but also funny, light and happy at times. It rides the line and what is that line? I don’t even know.

The game starts off with something that was so emotionally draining, right off the bat it was an emotional punch to the gut. While I was sitting next to my dog in real life, I had to shoot B.J. Blazkowicz’s (main characters) childhood dog. Oh man, that was such a tough moment, I was not emotionally prepared for that. After that, the game gets emotionally gets easier to swallow.

After the game’s intro, things start to pick up narratively but everyone still remains to be very gloomy.  As the game progresses you meet Super Spesh and Grace who are just trying to survive. Upon their arrival, things start to look like they’re improving and also with Super Spesh he brings some much-needed light-hearted humor.  Before they arrived it started to feel like the game was taking itself way too seriously.

Wolfenstein 2

I hate to be so vague with everything in regards to the story because there are so many things I want to talk about but I don’t want spoil anything. The game has a tone and then about two-thirds of the way through the game there is a major tonal switch. It goes off the rails crazy and what it does it gets me so excited for the sequel.

It pains me to say this but the weakest part of this game is the gameplay. There is not a great difficulty setting. There are six settings and two through 6 are harder than you want them to be. This is a game that you want some resistance but you don’t want to get stuck in a certain level. This is a game that only flows well when its actually flowing, you want things to progress and move along. The problem with the first difficulty it was too easy. I know it sounds nit-picky but the key to have a great game is having the right difficulty setting.

Wolfenstein 4

The gameplay itself, you can dual-wield any weapon and it’s satisfying enough. Depending on the ammo, I was constantly switching up the combinations but it was fun rocking machine gun and shotgun. As I said before I put the difficulty setting on one and played it like a cartoony first-person shooter. Just blasting through Nazi’s. It wound up being fun enough.

The biggest disappointment about this game is the fact that it was so close to being great. With it being on the Doom engine, I thought it was going to play like that. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen quite like that. The story is better than Doom but Doom has the better gameplay.

The entire game was not very long, which is a pro and a con. The game is not something you want to do for 15 hours. But at the same time, asking people to spend $60 on an eight-hour game is asking a lot. I had a lot of fun playing this game and its one the memorable gaming experiences of my life but this is something I would wait until it’s on sale to pick up.

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