I really enjoyed the beginning of the game because it hones in the fact that its just “pretend,” the kids are just using their imaginations and none of it is real even in that world.  Basically the game starts out and the kids say, “we’re not playing Fantasy anymore, now we’re playing superheroes.” Fantasy of course  being a reference to the previous South Park game, The Stick of Truth.

I haven’t played the Stick of Truth but it seems like The Fractured But Whole is similar to The Stick of Truth. The combat is a turn-based strategy game which is odd for a South Park game but its works well. Especially for me considering how much I enjoy Turn-Based Strategy games and I can confidently say that this is a good one.

South Park 2

The premise of the game is your character in the game is the new kid at school and there is something major going on in town. All the cats seem to be missing so there is a little crime solving in the game as well. So you’re kind of like Batman where you’re both a Superhero and Detective. Although you don’t solve a lot, most of the detective work is done via cutscenes.

Looking back to this game, I can say that I had fun playing through this game. Its not a particularly difficult game to play and it is funny at times. There are a lot of fart jokes which as someone who is in their late 20’s now, fart jokes aren’t what they use to be. Thats more my age, I do feel like I have outgrown South Park but with that being said, I still enjoyed this game. It doesn’t make me want to watch the show but it does make me want to play the Stick of Truth.

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