I wish I could say that this is a good game but it isn’t. After about a half hour to an hour, I started to zone out and ignore pretty much everything that was going on with this game. I just enjoyed running around and shooting people in this game.

The premise of this game is very interesting and very cool. That’s a major reason why I wanted to play this game. I liked the idea of instead of having multiple weapons, you have multiple characters. So as you’re going through the levels, you’re switching up your characters because sometimes certain characters work better in certain situations or because the health of a character is low. When you make the switch, they can start healing so that’s very helpful and why you want to be constantly switching.

I didn’t play this game like “you’re supposed to,” in theory the developers wanted you to level up all of your characters and use certain ones in certain missions but that wasn’t very interesting to me and I found 3 that I really liked and stuck with those 3. The game is kind of clunky and slow so I picked 3 faster characters to make it as close as I can to run and gun style of game.

I found this game to be a great podcast game, a lot of the levels had you doing the same exact thing over and over again. Because it was very repetitive, I could kind of half pay attention to the game and listen to podcasts while I was playing.

This is a game that I can appreciate the effort, I think the goal was to make a fun, weird game that was funny. The jokes didn’t hit, the game wasn’t interesting enough for to even pay attention to the weird stuff and level designs were uninspired. I can not recommend this game, there are better third-person shooters out there.

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