I just played this game last night at a friends house and it’s like nothing that I have ever played before. It’s kind of hard to explain what the game is but imagine its a large 3D plane. The game is a competitive one vs one (or 2v2 or 3v3), we just played one vs one. So like a fighting game, you pick a Gundam and you fight with that via Gundam style.

It’s a very fast-paced game, where you’re dashing around, shooting projectiles, maybe dashing in and going for a melee attack. I’m going to be entirely honest. I don’t know anything about Gundam but I have a few friends who are big into it. So I was asking them how they feel about the game.

From what they said, this is THE Gundam game so if you like Gundam then this is a must own. If you know anything about Gundam, don’t like it or don’t care for it. Then don’t bother looking into this game. It’s extremely niche but its a very well made niche game.

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