This is probably going to be one of my favorite indie games of the year. It’s to hard to classify this game because its kind of a fighting but not in any of the traditional sense of what a fighting game is. Its one vs one and each level has 7 rooms total. So you start in the middle so room 4 and depending on where you start you want to get to either room 1 or room 7. If you start on the left side, your goal is move to the right and get to room 7. If you start on the right, you’re moving to the left and you’re trying to get to room 1. Its kind of hard to explain but it’s easy once you get playing.

So at the start of the match, you’ll each start with a sword. The two fight and whoever wins they get to move forward. So if its the person on the left, they start running to the right and you want to keep running until your opponent respawns. Then you go into another battle where the two of you will fight again. Let’s say Left wins again so they’ll keep running to the right. This continues until one person reaches the end of the level.

So far from what I’ve described, the core gameplay is the exact same as the original. The 2 big changes are 1 the art style. As you can tell from the pictures above, rather than just being stick figures. The game does have some artistic design. Initially, people were really complaining about the design but I really liked it. The art design really fits the gameplay.

The other big change is the weapons. In the original, there was one weapon and that was a sword. In Nidhogg 2, there are 2 different swords, a dagger and a bow and arrow. What this has done is, it’s created a meta game within the game. Weapons counter other weapons and one of the biggest changes is, in the original dive kicking was really strong and OP. In this game, one of the swords is a great counter to dive kicking so it’s not as good anymore.

Why I like this game is, it’s a fun “party” game. I hate using that word because I feel like it has some negative connotation to it but trust me when I tell you. This is a fun game.

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