On paper, this game seemed like a game that I would absolutely love. The story seemed dark and a little disturbing but without being an over the top “edgelord” game. It’s a first-person shooter which is one of my favorite Genres and it has Bethesda’s name on it. I like Bethesda.

What I didn’t realize at the time and that’s completely on me is, its made by the people who made Dishonored. So even though it is a first-person shooter, it’s not really run and gun. That’s the type of shooters that I like, just mindlessly running around, killing enemies and blowing shit up. I don’t want to have to be patient, smart and methodical.

So after a couple hours of playing the game, it just felt like more Dishonored and I just don’t have a ton of interest in those games. I don’t want to bash the game but it just wasn’t for me. I think when Wolfenstein comes out in October, that will be much more up my alley.

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