Gears of War

Gears of War

As I said last week, I just bought an Xbox 360 so I could go back through and play games that I have never played before. I decided to play this game with my friend Manny as a co-op. I wanted to experience a shooter as a co-op experience because I have never done that before. He has never played the 2nd or 3rd one so I thought it would be fun if the two of us play through the three games.

Unfortunately we are both kind of busy and only have a short amount of time each week and so we only got through a a couple hours of the game but we did at least get through Act 1 (which there are 5) so I think we’re past 20% of the game.

The game itself feels good, its a revolutionary game for its time and going back and playing it for the first time, it still holds up. Its a solid third-person shooter that has aged very well.

There is not much more I can say at the moment because I didn’t play a lot of the game but from what I have played of it, I have enjoyed my time.

I look forward to playing more.


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