Nier: Automata


I tried this game on Saturday so its still very fresh in my mind. There were a lot of things that I didn’t like about the game so I just stopped playing it fairly quickly. I hated the music, I just found it to be very annoying and distracting. For the most part music is not that important to me and as long as I can zone the music out then I’m fine with it. This was so bad that I couldn’t do that and I would say that five minutes into the game, I had to mute the game music.

The combat itself, I didn’t like the way that the cameras kept shifting from an overhead view, to a 2-D plane to 3-D plane. I know its a way to shake up the combat but the only plane that I enjoyed was the 3-D plane because that felt like the most natural in this type of game.

Finally, what turned me off from this game was, I was on a bridge and I had to fight two Compound Miter Saw things and it wasn’t fun trying to dodge those and I ended getting stuck in between both of them and I died. Which this is a fun game where if you die within the first half hour of the game then you have to start the whole thing over again because thats how I like to play video games. Redoing things that weren’t that much fun to begin with.

I have sent this game back to Gamefly and I will not be playing this game again.


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