After I had tried to get into Prey and it just wasn’t doing anything for me, I moved on and decided to finally sit down and play through the story of Injustice. I had played quite a bit online but I never took the time to sit down and play through the story of the game. I really enjoyed the story, it is a continuation of the first Injustice’s story. I really enjoy the story, I do wish the story of the game would be longer but it’s a fighting game so you can’t expect too much from the story mode.

Whether you like the gameplay or not, this game needs to be the blueprint for all future fighting games. There needs to be content, when I think about everything in the game, there is so much I can do. I can go online, there is a well-written story, there is a tower system where you can fight AI, you can play locally.

My favorite part of the entire game is the gear system where you can customize your favorite characters. You get the gear from playing the game, not to mention you also get loot boxes for playing the game. The game gives you so many loot boxes, it’s almost too much. Yes, you can pay real money for loot boxes but honestly, I don’t know why anyone would do that. Just play the game, you get gear, you get loot boxes and you can level your characters.

In this day and age, the most important aspect of a multiplayer game is the net code. The netcode can make or break a game and for Injustice 2, the Netcode is near flawless. I have rarely had any laggy matches and there doesn’t appear to be any major input lag online.

All in all, whether you’re into fighting games or not. This is a game that I highly recommend.

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